CHOICES by Kate Buckley

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Choices is the story of a teen girl who breaks all the rules and finds herself scared and alone when binge drinking, partying, and teen pregnancy collide.  

Choices is a gripping and thought provoking read. After sneaking out and binge drinking with her secret boyfriend, fifteen-year-old Kara MacNeill is caught in a downward spiral of turmoil and confusion when he sexually assaults her at a party. As Kara’s life spins out of control and she learns to think for herself, she finds strength and support from an unlikely source and gains a solid sense of herself and her value along the way. The many sides of women’s reproductive rights come together in Choices, a story told from a young girl's perspective with sensitivity, and heart. 



Kate Buckley (left) with students at Capshaw Middle School in May 2009. The students are holding the "Testaments" anthology. (Read Article) More about PEN in the Classroom.




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